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UPDATE**8/1/23** At this time we are no longer offering FORM1 as a option when making a purchase. The article below is for information purposes only.

"I had my Form 1 approved in 7 days!"-Kyle W.


We manufacture the sexiest and best performing shotgun in production today. We are happy to now offer the option to allow you, the customer, to manufacture a short-barreled-shotgun (SBS). If you want an SBS, you would typically have to buy it and wait for the ATF to approve your NFA transfer, which can be 12+ months.

We want to streamline this process and if you are willing to do a little work, we will do a little extra, too! Starting now, with the release of our SBM line, we will provide a purchasing strategy to our customers that will get an SBS in the end user‘s hands without having to wait the typical extended approval period.


NFA items like suppressors, short barrel rifles (SBR), and short barrel shotguns (SBS) are controlled items managed by the ATF. These items require fingerprints, passport photos of the owner, and a $200 tax paid to the ATF.

Companies like Silencer Shop and Silencer Central have helped the suppressor market streamline the purchase of suppressors and other NFA items. However, when it comes to SBRs or SBSs, e-filing is a option for the consumer.

Individuals can use the online portal for the ATF eForms and file NFA documents such as the FORM 1: Application to Make and Register a Firearm. When the individual takes the initiative to manufacture their own SBR or SBS, the approval wait time is significantly reduced. As of November 2021, wait times from the time of submission of all the necessary documents with the eFile of the Form 1, to the approval of the document is approximately 10-14 days. If you go through an FFL/SOT, you can wait upwards of 12+ months to get your approval for an SBR or SBS.


Our production team tried to find a way to make the 7" GEN-12 a non-NFA item. But based on OAL, there is just no way to make it happen. Because of this, the 7" SBM requires an NFA tax stamp.

We want to help you streamline the process of manufacturing an SBS and avoid the wait times typically associated with purchasing a SBR/ SBS. The following steps lay out how we can accommodate our customers who would like to own an SBS.

1. Put the necessary items in the cart on the website and purchase them.

o MINIMUM ITEMS: 7” GEN-12 SBM upper and a GEN-12 complete lower with a stock.

2. We will ship the lower to your preferred FFL, and you will have the lower transferred to you.

3. Once you get possession of your GEN-12 lower receiver, file a Form 1 on ATF e-forms . These are the specifics of the 7” GEN-12 SBM as a SBS that you will need to complete the form:

OAL: 24”


CALIBER: 12 gauge

MFG: Genesis Arms, LLC


CLASSIFICATION: Short Barrel Shotgun

*If you want a GEN-12 SBM SBS with a 10.5" barrel then you will just purchase the 10.5" Firearm model with the brace, and after getting possession of it then you will e-file a Form 1 and wait for the approval before swapping the brace with your stock. The benefit of the 10.5" Firearm is we can ship you the complete build and not the upper and lower separately.

4. Once you file and provide your fingerprints, you will wait for the ATF to respond with the approval of your FORM 1. This wait time varies, but it is faster than doing the SBS transfer through an FFL/SOT.

5. Once you receive the approved Form 1, email us with the approved form and we will reply with confirmation of receipt. We will then mail out your 7” upper directly to you.

6. Once you receive your upper, pin it to your SBS lower. You have then manufactured your own SBS!

If you have any questions about filing through eForms, we recommend you follow this link on the ATF's website.

If you have questions about any Genesis Arms products, please reach out to us through the contact page.

Disclaimer: This is not a complete and thorough walk through capturing all the steps required during the Form 1 filing. This is intended to be an overview of the process and serve as an introduction as to how Genesis Arms will serve those customers/purchasers who wish to manufacture their own NFA item. It is the sole responsibility of the individual filing to follow the steps and process provided by the ATF during the eForms submission. It is also the sole responsibility of the individual to adhere to all Local, State, and Federal laws that may pertain to the possession any product from Genesis Arms and Genesis Arms is not responsible for your ignorance of the laws which may pertain to your specific circumstances.

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